Meet The Team

Lori Ann
Insurance Coordinator
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Our Hygienists

Joanna, R.D.H., BS
Dental Hygienist

I love my patients. They are an extension of my family and I look forward to their visits as a time to catch up with a friend. Coming to the office doesn’t feel like a job to me! I work one-to-one with patients: examining their mouths for signs of dental disease and cleaning their teeth. I truly enjoy teaching patients about their unique dental concerns and how to improve their home care. I want people to have healthy smiles for life!

All of my free time is spent with my spouse of almost 20 years, two children, and two dogs. I enjoy supporting their activities along with reading and advancing my dental education.

Lora, R.D.H., AAS
Dental Hygienist

I enjoy meeting people and building relationships with them. It’s a great feeling to help a person take control of their oral health and develop a healthy, clean smile they love to share! I examine patients’ mouths, take X-rays, and provide thorough and gentle cleanings. Much of my time with a patient is spent teaching them about their mouth. I want patients to understand why it’s important to care for their dental health and give them the tools to keep their smile healthy!

As a cancer survivor, I spend a lot of my personal time volunteering to help our community. I also enjoy cooking and gardening. 

Michele, R.D.H., AAS
Dental Hygienist

I love getting to know my patients and helping them keep their mouths and bodies healthy throughout their lives. There’s a strong connection between oral and overall health; I want my patients to have the best of both! I assess a patient’s mouth, and look for signs of disease. I also provide detailed, gentle cleanings to remove deposits and buildup. My focus is on teaching patients how to take control of their smile’s health and make positive changes in home care.

My best friend John and I have been married for more than 30 years. We love traveling and exercising. We also love the beach, riding John’s Harley, and relaxing in our yard. 

Our Assistants 

Registered Dental Assistant

I look forward to talking and laughing with our patients. We serve an amazing community, and I learn a lot from our conversations. I seat patients and explain what will happen during their visit. Working chairside, I assist the doctor while making sure our patient is comfortable. When we’re done, I offer home care instructions and make sure our patient is pleased with their visit. I love working with a great team and helping people smile!

Away from the office, I spend time with my husband and our four cats. My favorite place to relax is at the beach. 

Registered Dental Assistant

I enjoy working in a positive, happy office, and helping our patients reach their oral health goals. It’s fun to get to know people while I prepare them to see the doctor. During procedures, I work chairside. I make sure the doctors have everything needed and act as a second pair of hands for them. At the same time, I talk with our patient about what we’re doing and check that they’re comfortable and relaxed.

When I’m not at Princeton Dental, I love spending time with my spouse and three beautiful children. We love traveling!

Dental Assistant

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Scheduling Coordinator

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